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Race 205 Queenstown

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A strong autumn westerly flow predominates New Zealand’s Southern Alpine Range.

No thermals have a chance to form, moderately strong ridge soaring conditions avail.

Launching from Queenstown’s grass airstrip, your start awaits you at the top of the ridge immediately behind and above you.

Strong ridge climbs quickly getting you to altitude for the start — Max 10,000 feet.

From there the first turn is on the lakes edge — Max 10,0000 feet, to then head north for a carefully planned summit of Climax Peak, with views out to the Tasman sea and New Zealand’s West Coast — Max 10,0000 feet.

From the heights of Climax Peak you head towards Wanaka, a fast descent towards the turn point may be in order here in the last stages of this leg to be under the 3,000 foot max for this turn.

Head for the finish- 2 obvious routes to take, take care when low and slow and in lee! 3000 foot max for finish, dive for marker on top of the hill.


Enjoy and good luck.

Go cross-eyed on the image and focus on the centre image of the 3 images you will see.


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